Activating children department in Al-Tabqa national hospital

Al-Tabqa_ children department in the national hospital at Al-Tabqa started receiving children and offering medical service. after it was activated again.

The children department consists of baby sittings, children departments, isolated offices for the patients with infectious diseases, children clinics and emergency room.

Despite the short period of 3 weeks of activating the children department, it started receiving more than 100 child where it offers them medical services, sometimes the number is increasing, so the department gets crowded.

A medical specialized team and nurses are supervising the offering of the medical services all the time.

The co-chair of the medical committee (Ubayd Muslum) said: (children department activation backs to the efforts that health committee does to improve the quality of the medical services offered to the local people, to improve the general heath situation in the region.

” although the children department is new in the hospital, but there are some difficulties that it faces, where it needs Oxygen station in the baby sittings as it depends on oxygen devices currently, in addition to other difficulties that we aim to overcome in the next coming days.

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