Al Akirishi Clinic … Free medical services

Raqqa- Raqqa Civil Council seeks to establish a healthy society through the opening of many medical centers and points in various regions, the most recent of which was “Akirishi” clinic which was opened last month.

The Center, which provides all medical services free of charge to all segments of society, consists of several sections:

  • Gynecology section: All Gynecology’s consultations are presented.
  • Pediatrics’ section: Children are inspected and given the necessary vaccines to prevent diseases such as Thalassemia and paralysis.
  • Dental section: which is the extraction of  diseased teeth, and the implantation of new ones.
  • Internal department: Diagnosis of diseases of internal organs and description of appropriate drugs.
  • Pharmacy: Offers all types of available medicines free of charge.

The clinic also has equipment (cardiograph, excreta removal, diabetes measurement, asthma spray), as well as an ambulance.

The medical staff of clinic consists of 15 persons, doctors, nurses and administrative staff.

The clinic receives its visitors who are coming from different villages from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

SDF. Media Center

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