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AL-Klsa’s clinic provides many services Free of Charge

Hasakah – Al-Klasa’s Clinic in Hasakah is considered one of the most important clinics in the province due to the great efforts that being made to serve the citizens through a specialized medical and nursing staff.

The Health Committee supervises the clinic and provides medical services free of charge since its opening two years ago.

About the clinic and the services that it provides, the director of the clinic,

Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdullah, confirmed that there are many departments in the clinic such as (Pediatrics, internal and Gynecology Clinics), a laboratory for analysis and a pharmacy that provides medicines that the patients need free of charge.

Al-Abdullah added: Insulin is given to patients with diabetes on a regular basis, and the number of patients who visite the clinic is 60 patients daily.

The midwife, “Jihan Al-Othman,” who are working in  Gynecology Clinic pointed that they suffer from many problems such as the lack of the necessary devices in the clinic, such as Echo device, which forced them to detect diseases based on laboratory tests they do.


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