Al-Mufti Distract in Hasakah

Hasakah- AL “Mufti” neighborhood is located on the eastern side of Hasakah city. It is bordered to the west by the Tal Hajar neighborhood, to the east by the Salhiya one and the Khashman lands to the north, and extends to “Aziziyah” bridge from the south.

It is one of the smallest and oldest neighborhoods in the city, named after Sheikh Ahmed Al Mufti, one of the region’s dignitaries and the first one who inhabited it.

The population of the neighborhood is about 10 thousand people, the majority of the families that moved to it in the past, from Amouda township because of low prices of lands in it.

The neighborhood has offered a number of martyrs since the beginning of the revolution and a large number of district’s youth joined SDF ranks.

“Abdul Karim Osman,” a resident of the neighborhood said: The distract transformed from a simple area where there are only some houses and small shops to an area that is experiencing unprecedented urban and commercial movement.

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