Al-Sinaa neighborhood in Raqqa City

Al-Sinaa neighborhood is located in the southern eastern part of Raqqa city and is considered one of the largest neighborhoods. It is bordered to the east by Al-Mashlab neighborhood and to the west by Rumaila neighborhood.

 It was named after by this name due to the existence of a large industry workshops to repair vehicles in it, the population estimated of nearly 7000 people.

Al-Sinaa neighborhood liberated from Terrorist Daesh Organization in the final phase of Qazab AL-Furat campaign after the battles of attack and defense that lasted for several days because of the number of mines that Daesh Organization had laid in it as a first line of defense.

  9 of the neighborhood’s sons were martyred who participated in the liberation of the neighborhood after joining SDF ranks.

After the liberation, specialized teams began to remove the remaining mines in roads and houses, remove rubble and earth mounds, and repair water and sanitation networks to speed up the return of the population.

“Ghassan al-Badr” one of the neighborhood: that after the return of the people to the neighborhood, it was provided with drinking water through tanks and large reservoirs were placed by Raqqa Civil Council and working humanitarian organization here.

Al-Bader appealed to the residents of the neighborhood to pay attention to the issue of educating their children and the need to send them to schools because they have the right to teach, and these rights were taken from them during the period when Terrorist Daesh Organization controlled the city.

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