Al-Tabqa civil council distributed 10000 cards

Al-Tabqa_the civil registration office in the internal committee of the Democratic civil administration in Al-Tabqa is working on facilitating the citizens’ civil documents and their law legal documents, where it issued recognition cards for the local citizens, family books and asylum cards for the new comers to Al-Tabqa town in addition to special documents for the IDPs.

The director of the civil office in Al-Tabqa town (Hamid haj Mousa) said: (the importance of their work come from organizing citizen issues and facilitating their work, it aims to make statistics of citizens in the region based on population statistics we did before).

He pointed that 1000 recognition cards were produced till now, 1500 residency cards, 5500 asylums card , and 2000 of family cards.

Hasan Al-Khulyf, a citizen from the countryside of Palmyra and one of the asylum seekers to Al-Tabqa town since one year  said: (I lost the proving documents of my family, today I am reviewing the civil Office to get Asylum card that proves my family statues.

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