HomenewsClarification to the public opinion

Clarification to the public opinion

The campaign of intimidation and threats carried out by Turkish state against Syrian north carries among its military dimensions a policy of spreading false rumours to create confusion and tension. Where many social media and some media in the Turkish private war department have published false news about coordination between our forces and the international coalition with regard to the presence of coalition forces on the border and the role of coalition forces to monitor the border.

We would like to emphasize to the public that regular coordination in this framework continues, at a better and pace than it was and that the coalition forces play their role both at the level of patrolling and at the level of the three monitoring points that were established.

Likewise, the campaign of “hajain” liberation is continuing until our forces complete their tasks in eliminating terrorism in Deir Ezzor.

SDF. Media Center

14 December 2018

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