Cloth Market in Tabqa City is Witnessing Unprecedented Congestion

Tabqa – “Cloth Market” or “Women’s Market ” is located AL-Qaria district, to the left of the main market of Tabqa city.

This market is considered one of the most important and oldest markets. It was founded in 1955 and is frequented by women from Tabqa city and its countryside, because there are all the necessities that women need, such as clothes, etc., and also for cheap prices.

This market witnessed the control of the armed organizations a little congestion, but after the liberation of the region and the provision of stability and security provided by SDF, and the return of urban life of the city, the market was very crowded, especially during the holidays.

One of the traders of cloth market, Abdul Qader Ahmed Al-Khamisi, spoke about the market, saying: The market is frequented by women, because there are all the needs of clothing, makeup, furniture and others, as well as price permits, describing it as the “Amassi” market in Raqqa city.

It is worthy to mention that the market has not experienced such congestion in the past eight years.

SDF. Media Center


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