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Completion of rehabilitation of ” Al-Wadiyan ” Station

Tabqa – Irrigation Committee of Agriculture Directorate in accordance with a consider plan to repair the pumping stations in Tabqa city and countryside.

The maintenance workshops of Directorate, in cooperation with “Together for al-Jaraniya” organization, ended work at Al-Wadiyan pumping station, which had been vandalized by the terrorists of Daesh organization.

The station was full of mines, that were removed by the competent authorities before starting to rehabilitate them.

About the progress of the rehabilitation process, “Omar Al-Khamri” Chairman of the Council of “Together for al-Jaraniya ” said: we completed the work of the pumping stations of first and second Al-Wadiyan, these stations irrigate about /2000 / ha, extending along the following villages: (Al-Wadiyan, Turkmen, Torkmine, bioet, AL- Trejia, Hamarian, jayf and AL-Ftiah).

Al-Khamri noted that the works lasted for four months, and included the rehabilitation of leading and control panels and cables in the both stations, in the last 10 days we have tested the two stations by pumping water to the farmers’ lands.

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