Cultivating wide squares of barley and wheat

Al-Tabqa- farmers are continuing the planting of barley and wheat crops in the lands that get planted depending on the weather conditions, where the recent heavy rains had a main role in planting a wide square of Al-Tabqa countryside

  most lands of the (Al-Jarnya, Al-Mansoura, Al-Swaydya and Al-Mahmoudly) were cultivated despite the high price of some barley seeds, in some sorts, that passed 170 SY , and wheat that passed 200 SY.

The co-chair of the economic committee in Al-Tabqa civil council (Ahmad Al-Salman) said:” the continues rain for long time led to planting wide squares of the agricultural lands that depend on rain in getting barley and wheat crops, however; the economic committee encouraged people on this type of cultivation via getting benefit from the suitable weather condition and provided them with Bezel”

Al-Suliman mentioned that the climate condition made wheat planting late, where most of the countryside of Al-Tabqa depend on irrigation, however he explained that the most suitable time for its planting is the last two months.

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