Daesh Terrorist Explains the last details about the organization

SDF arrested the terrorist “Talib Hammoud al-Khalaf,” from “al-Basira” town of the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, during engagements with members of the organization in Hjain town.

Al-Khalaf explained details of the terrorist organization and moved between its ranks and had fought on several fronts. The detained terrorist confirmed that the majority of the elements of the organization are foreign ones or what they call the ” Muhajrain”, where elements of several countries such as Britain and Germany as well as Bosnia, and confirmed that  a Bosnian leader was a military commander of the so-called Al-Faruq brigade was killed.

And that a number of foreign members of the organization were killed in recent battles in Baguoz and Soussah.

He pointed to the presence of members and leaders of the Syrians, from Damascus and several other areas, but most of them are foreigners and Iraqis.

He pointed out that the terrorist organization still maintains its strength in the region, where the so-called “Hesba” and all other security services are carrying out their heinous acts against the remaining civilians there.

The organization imposes a harsh system on the people and no one is allowed to leave the areas that controlled by the organization, Daesh terrorists use civilians as human shields to protect themselves from the attacks of SDF and the international coalition air jets.

SDF. Media Center

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