Decorating the wall of Ibn Al-Rushd school.

Al-Hasakah-As a step to get rid of the negative psychological impact left in children minds  by the war and in order to make children away from fear and tension feeling that they live, also to draw the smile on the children faces,” Fighan Ayub” an administrative member of  Ibn Al-Rushd school started drawing cartoon characters, landscapes and teaching pictures as a mural on the school wall.

Fighan highlighted her work and said: ” the main purpose of my drawing is to let children pass the traditional way of teaching and to make them accept the new educational ideas via these drawings.

She mentioned also that these drawings are not just for entertainment but they also include some mathematic shapes and equations that help children in the counting.   

.Fighan added that the school is arranging singing time and plays in the free hours, where students perform in the free allocated time.

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