Distributing electric devices to martyrs’ families

Al-Tabqa, Today, the Martyrs’ Families’ council distributed electric devices (refrigerators and washing machine) to 11 martyrs’ needy families.

The distribution process started with the first neighborhood then included the rest of the neighborhoods, where the targeted families are located.

 The member of the Martyrs’ Wives’ Committee (Madiha Al-Mustafa) made sure that the distribution of the devices came after a study that was conducted to check the needs of the martyrs’ families. However, this step is classified within the aid that the council offer to these families, furthermore, this aid will be followed with other distribution campaigns based on the already conducted study.

   “the council is offering food basket and fixed salaries to these families, but we can’t compensate them regardless how much we offer them, because the stable security that we live in now is because of our martyrs who sacrificed with their souls in order to liberate this land and return the dignity to its people” Madiha Mustafa added.

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