Fast activation of the construction movement in Al-Tabqa countryside

Al-Tabqa- the countryside of Tabqa has recently witnessed unprecedented activation in construction movement since 7 years.

With the increasing of the construction activities, The People Municipality and its affiliated municipalities in the countryside started supporting this movement via giving construction permits, determining the legal law frames, and banning building in public areas.

The head of municipality in Al-Safsafa  (Ali Al-Muhaisn)  emphasized that  the reason behind the fast response in the construction movement in the countryside belongs to many factors, mainly the stable security in the area, rehabilitating the infrastructure (electricity, water, roads and sewage system), in addition to the active movement in trade and economy field in the region, also the main factors back to the availability of construction materials and the returning of many local people to their village after long term of leaving.

” we organize the building process movement based on organized plan drawn for village land, and we ban building on public lands, where we take the required law measures against the rule violators” Al-Muhaisn added.

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