Female Fighter from my Country

Yildiz Sheyar is a female fighter in SDF ranks and from Aleppo, whose dream is to take part in military operations in the war against terrorism.

She says: I achieved my dream of joining SDF two years ago, after I read the ideas and morals of the forces and examined their truth and their humanitarian goals and the spread of freedom, democracy and justice among the components of society.

“I have joined to prove to the whole world that women ‘s will is stronger than all restrictions, and that they are not as they think of serving the home and capable of breaking all the restrictions that imposed by the society.

Yildiz participated in the campaign to liberate Tabqa city and its countryside and the combing of Raqqa’s countryside and liberate the civilians from Daesh terrorist in AL-Jazeera storm campaign.

Yildiz appealed upon the women to seek their own life by seeking freedom and defending their rights.

SDF. Media Center

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