Fighter from my Country

The fighter, Halim Ahmed, from Hasakah city, was a freelance worker to secure what his young children needed.

He joined the People’s Protection Units in 2012 to defend the homeland and restore the freedom of the people which was robbed of them, underwent a number of political and military training courses at various academies.

He Participated in the liberation campaigns that took place in AL-Jazeera territory, including the battles to liberate (Tal Hamis, Ras Al Ain, Tel Tamar and Shaddadi) towns.

About the most difficult positions, that he experienced during these campaigns Al-Ahmad said:

“During the battle to liberate Tel Tamar town, we broke into a neighborhood to save a group of civilians who could not get out”

During the incursion, Terrorist groups set up an ambush in that area. And due to that violent engagements broke out and continued for many hours until we were assisted and succeeded in clearing all those stranded in that area.

At the end of his speech, Al-Ahmad praised all the fighters on the battlefields and appealed to them to do their best to achieve the goal for which the martyrs sacrificed their pure blood, which is to defeat terrorism and liberate all regions.

SDF. Media Center

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