Fighter from my Country

Ali Khamis al-Hamad, a member of Tabqa, joined SDF in late 2016. He underwent several training courses on various types of weapons.

He participated in many liberation battles, including the liberation of Tabqa city and the neighboring villages (Mahmudli, Ja’bar). As he entered Al-Wasat Street in Tabqa city, a mine laid by a terrorist organization caused his legs to be amputated and serious wounds.

On the details of the incident, he said: “We attacked the points where the terrorists were stationed. When they entered, it turned out that they were mined, and one of them exploded, wounding me and amputating my legs.

Al-Hamad confirmed that his injury would not stop him from completing his professional duty at the wounded center after he was assigned to give the injured lessons.

Al-Hamd wished young people to join SDF to do everything in their power to rid innocent people of the darkness planted by the terrorist groups and to protect the people from all schemes against them.

SDF. Media Center

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