flash about the life of a martyr

Hasakah-Martyr “Khalil Daoud” of the sons of Hasakah city, joined People protection Units in 2015 and offered his blood in order to defend the homeland and liberate its land.

He received political and military training courses at Martyr Khubat Academy in Hasakah.

He left education early due to the poverty that his family was suffering from, and he went to work in industry workshops and car repair.

He insisted on joining AL-Jazeera storm campaign that was announced by SDF to liberate the remaining areas from the grip of Daesh terrorists in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

On his death, his father “Ali Dawood” said: Khalil was doing his duty guarding one of the military points on the front line in Hajin area, a number of terrorists infiltrated and tried to enter the military point, and engaged with them in an attempt to stop and alert his military friends inside the point, but he was shot dead.

The father of the martyr expressed his pride in what his son did and proud of him because he was neither coward nor traitor but offered his soul in defense of this land.

SDF. Media Center


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