HomenewsForming the tribes’ reconciliation council in Al-Mansoura Town.

Forming the tribes’ reconciliation council in Al-Mansoura Town.


Al-Tabqa -One meeting was held at noon in Al-Mansoura town in order to form a Tribe’s reconciliation council, where tribes’ sheiks, some civil administration’s representatives of the area and town population attended the meeting.

However, the meeting started with tribal leaders’ speech, where they emphasized the importance of enhancing the national unity to encounter the difficulties and challenges that people face, in north Syria. furthermore, the participants refused the Turkish threatening to the area that aims nothing but raising ISIS spirit and motivation.

The council consists of 10 members: the head of council, advisors and the council committee, however, this council is affiliated to the tribes’ council in Al-Tabqa civil council. Relevantly, Al-Mansoura town was determined as a headquarter due to the intensive number of population and the diversity of tribes’ components as well.

It worth mentioning that The main purpose of this experience is to give more sufficient role for tribes to solve problems based on tribal traditions, costumes and norms, moreover, the goal of the meeting aimed reinforcing the unity among tribes to participate in developing and protecting society.

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