Health Committee Seized Expired Food Items

Tabqa – Health Committee of People’s Municipality of Tabqa seized expired and unfit food for human consumption in a number of shops in the market during its daily market tour. These items are (Andomi, Tea, Cheese, Oil, and jams, in addition to baby foods).

The head of the health committee in the People’s Muncipility “Nasr Mohammed,” stressed that the Committee conducts daily tours in the markets to control prices and prevent the circulation of rotten items, and seized rotten items in a number of shops.

The Supply control wrote a report in the incident and the violators were transferred to the civil court to take the necessary action.

“We always seek to preserve our people’s health and prevent fraud in the markets. We take disciplinary actions against anyone who violates the laws and exposes the people’s health to risk.

SDF. Media Center

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