Martyr “Khaled Alioui” Academy Graduated its Seventh Course

Tabqa- Martyr “Khalid Aliwi” Academy is one of the academies of the democratic society, graduated its seventh course, which bore the name of the martyr “Mohammed Al-Junaid” and lasted for 27 days, 21 trainees from various institutions and bodies were included.

During the course, the trainees received lectures and intellectual and political lectures on building the democratic nation, brotherhood of peoples, constructive criticism and self-reliance.

This course is very important because trainees will have the task of training committees within democratic civil administration institutions in order to develop administrative work. They will train the members of the committees during the work in the belief that the real training comes through hard work.

“The basic target of academic training lies in the development of society through the training of members and staff who will lead the process of community building based on constructive thinking that adapts to all new variables and uses them to develop themselves” Academic official “Adel Mohammed” confirmed that.

SDF. Media Center

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