New working plan for asphalting roads

Al-Hasaka- people Municipality is working on asphalting roads and maintaining the infrastructure in Nawroz suburb in Hasaka District that suffers from lack of services, via setting new plan for 2019 year.

The administrative member (Zozan Darwish) in the technical department clarified that the nature of the work plan: “we worked in asphalting 75% from the suburb streets, while we work on setting new plan to asphalt the streets, and repairing them”.

She mentioned that the people municipality is studying the neighborhoods organizing charts and is working on setting plans that need experiences and financial support.

The citizen (AbdulKareem Khalaf), a local person from the neighborhood expressed his gratitude to the municipality for taking care of the services problems, and asked the people municipality to pay more attention about the infrastructure as it is the main base of the movement in the city

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