Offering condolences duty to the relatives of two martyrs in the campaign of (Al-Jazeera storm)

Al-Tabqa_ (the Martyrs Families Office), affiliated to SDF and the Martyrs Families Council, and some representatives of the civil administration of Al-Tabqa town offered the condolences to the martyrs’ relatives who passed away in Al-Jazeera storm campaign.

The Co-chair of (the Martyrs Families Office) (Ahmad Abu Al-Reesh) made a speech and talked about the sacrifices that the martyrs offered to defend the home.

From his side, the head of the committee affiliated to the civil administration in Al-Tabqa town, made a speech where he blessed the martyrs and said: ” we offer our condolences to ourselves first and to you for the Marty hood of heroes: the martyr Hasan and the martyr Allaa, who followed their martyred comrades, after they promised to follow their trace of freedom and dignity.

The relatives of two martyrs expressed their gratitude to SDF and the council of Martyrs’ Families for what they offered in the condolence ceremony.

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