HomenewsOffice of Military Relations receives Bishop “Morris”

Office of Military Relations receives Bishop “Morris”

Hasakah – In a step that reflects the love and brotherhood between the components of the Syrian north, the Office of Military Relations of SDF in the Eastern Region received Bishop Maurice, Archbishop of Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates of Syriac Orthodox.

The Archbishop “Morris” expressed his thanks and gratitude to SDF as it is the responsibility of the task of protecting civilians and liberating them from the oppression of terrorist groups.

And blessed the victories achieved by these forces on various fronts and liberalization of many areas, and indicated that the love and brotherhood among all components have had a significant impact on the process of steadfastness taking place.

For his part, “Rosad Zafi” member of the Office of Relations stressed on the importance of this visit, describing it as a blessed visit aimed at rapprochement between the peoples of the region. He stressed the great role played by clerics from different communities in raising the people’s awareness and preventing them from being dragged behind the illusions and lies of armed groups.

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