Office of Organizations Meets with Working Organizations

Raqqa – by an invitation of Organizations Bureau in Raqqa Civil Council and in coordination with Agriculture and Irrigation Committee, an expanded meeting was held of 13 organizations operating in Raqqa in various fields.

The meeting was attended by the joint chairman of Raqqa Civil Council “Mishlab Darwish” and discussed many matters, especially those related to the problems of irrigation and drinking water, and the lack of water pumps, which Raqqa city suffered from with the expansion of its geographical area.

The meeting started with a speech by the head of the irrigation committee, Fadel Mustapha, who spoke about the necessity of concerted efforts to confront the problems that stand in the way of the construction process in the city Mainly the problem of irrigation, which was attributed mainly to the low level of water in the Euphrates River, and the lack of pumps that work to raise water and transfer it to the main channel and sub-channels.

For his part, the head of the water office, “Jasim Al Khalaf,” talked about the challenges that are facing them as an office responsible for providing drinking water to the residents of Raqqa city, and the most difficult of delivery to the houses of the population after the frequent breakdowns of the main water lines and the lack of water tankers to the city’s neighborhoods when there are network failures Water.

For their part, representatives of the organizations talked about the services that they are working on, the work done during 2018 and their future projects for the next year.

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