Opening of the first founding conference of the Sports Union

Raqqa – “Youth and Sports Committee” In coordination with all the athletes in Raqqa city opened the first founding conference of the Sports Federation in Raqqa under the motto “Sports is a breeding for the souls before achieving cups.”

The opening ceremony was attended by a number of members of Raqqa Civil Council and its chairmanship, members of the Youth Committee and guests from various regions of the Syrian North, a number of members of the Sports Union delivered speeches after they all stood a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs.

Rohshan Zagros, a member of the Sports Federation, participated in a speech in which he blessed all athletes in Raqqa to inaugurate the founding conference. He stressed that it is the basis for all athletes and the basis for a new sport in the city that has started to recover. “Our goal is to unite athletes, and we have the ethics of the athletes, not our goal cup or personal interests, our goal is to get out of the core sport and every athlete must join the sports union.

Ahmed Al-Sherif, member of the Youth and Sports Committee, said: that after the formation of the Youth and Sports Committee, work has begun on the establishment of this union to be a forum for all athletes and a base for which they will control. Through this federation, sports teams of football and other sports will be formed in Raqqa city, and all sports in the city will be activated as much as possible.

The members of the Union who were elected read the rules of procedure of the Sports Union in Raqqa, which is a law that gives athletes all their rights and directs them towards their duties.

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