Our forces support the internal security forces in Raqqa

Raqqa- after the last events that Raqqa city witnessed such as destruction, expulsions and assassinations that was produced by the terrorists who wanted to spread disputations and fear in the locals hearts, our forces started distributing check points in each round street inside city to maintain the stability and security of the local people, supporting the internal security forces to protect the civilians and their properties.

The Fighter Ibrahim Al-Abdullah, one of SDF fighter in the city has clarified that they are supporting the internal security forces in the city via installing check points to protect civilians and properties from the destructive actions of the terrorists done by unknown people supported by unknown directions, just their terrorists’ actions were known.

The fighter (Ibrahim) said: we stand 24 hours on the checkpoints without being bored or tired, our goal is the safety of the citizens , we treat people as they are our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, we are here to protect them and we will continue doing so.

SDF-media center.

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