Outcome of Engagements in the Battle to Defeat Terrorism

.1-Bagouz axis: Our fighters launched an attack on terrorist positions, which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries in their ranks. They advanced on this axis and were able to install 10 new points while the International Air Force carried out two air strikes targeting terrorist sites.

On the other side of this axis, our fighters advanced a distance of 1 km and were able to install 17 new points after they launched a heavy attack on terrorist positions, a number of them were killed and wounded.

In another side of this axis, in the evening, our forces launched an attack on the points and fortifications of the terrorists, and due to that violent engagements broke out, in which a number of terrorists were killed and others wounded, and our fighters made progress 1 km and managed to install 14 new points. In an attempt by the terrorist organization to regain control of the attack, they shelled the positions of our fighters with RPGs. Concurrently, the coalition forces shelled the positions of terrorists with mortars, with several raids on their positions.

The intermittent engagements continued on all fronts of this axis, interspersed with shelling mortar shells.

2-Hajain axis: Violent engagements occurred this morning, following an attack by our fighters, killing a number of terrorists and wounded others, the bodies of some of them in the hands of our fighters with their weapons, the terrorists bombed the positions of our forces from distant with mortars and artillery, but did not result in the bombing Any damage to our forces.

Our fighters carried out a combing operation in the area in which they came in the morning. They found a number of laptops and a number of other documents.

The terrorist organization launched an attack at 9:00 am on the positions and points of our forces, using all types of heavy, light and medium weapons, including Dushka, and our fighters confronted it. engagements lasted several hours, during which our fighters were able to kill and wound a number of them. Immediately, our military engineering teams began dismantling and removing a number of mines that the terrorists had laid in the area.

On the other front of this axis, violent engagements broke out between our fighters and a group of terrorist organization just before midday and lasted several hours, when terrorists used dushka weapons and car bombs, two of them were detonated and attempted to attack motorcycles, but most of the elements of the terrorist group were killed, and the rest fled engagements area.

In the evening, our fighters made progress on this axis and were able to install a number of new points following an attack against the terrorists’ points and positions. During the advance, a suicide terrorist attempted to approach our fighters and detonate himself, but was targeted from afar and was killed. While the International Alliance air jets carried out several air strikes against terrorist sites, and due to that a number of them were killed and others wounded.

On the other side of this front, our fighters launched an attack on terrorist positions, a number of them were killed and others wounded. Terrorists bombed our positions with heavy weapons and mortars shells and tried to prepare for a large-range attack, but it was also failed.

This intermittent engagement continued on several fronts of this axis, until the preparation of this outcome.

3- The final outcome of Engagements:

– A number of terrorist deaths: /63 / Terrorist.

– Terrorist losses: the destruction of car bombs number (2).

– The destruction of terrorist sites number (10)

– The cutting off roads that are used by terrorists (5)

-The destruction of terrorist tunnel number (1).

– Number of strikes by the international coalition: /31 / Airstrike.

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