Preparing for the midterm exams of Al-Tabqa schools

Al-Tabqa_ the education committee, affiliated to Al-Tabqa town and its countryside, is continuing its support to raise the educational level in required way, where they rehabilitated and maintained the schools and distributed Deasil material to them, also provided the schools with curriculum, where they are preparing for the midterm exams.

Regarding the educational process trace in Al-Tabqa countryside, the co-chair of the school administration (Jumma Al-Hasan) said: ” the educational process is going in a progressive way, after providing the curriculum (school books), the teachers could provide information and ideas and reaching them to the students in an advanced educational way.

Al-Hasan said: “currently the midterm exams are determined, where they will start on 6\1\2019, the program of midterm was studied by the co-chair starting from writing questions, correction method for the materials, especially the intermediate students, where it would be relied in all the schools”.

At the end of his speech, he emphasized that they are continues in their working in developing the education to its highest level in Al-Tabqa town.

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