Providing three high quality devices to the national hospital.

.Raqqa_Today, Raqqa civil council provided 3 devices to the Raqqa heath center, including blood preserver, laser and Himo Tecrete.

Blood preserver: is to maintain blood bags appropriately and protect patients from touching blood directly.

Laser device:  to maintain the blood of volunteers, where its accuracy is very high and participate in discovering the infectious diseases and also helped in insuring the blood safety when transferring blood.

Himo tecret device: it is specialized in examining the blood of the volunteers and patients who suffer from thalassemia, to determine the required amount that the patient’s body need.

The health committee co-chair of Raqqa civil council (Ahmad Ismael) made sure that the center will be able to cover all the coming patients and keep them safe.

Ismeal urged on the continuing of supporting all the heath committees affiliated to Raqqa and its countryside based on the available equipment.

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