Raqqa Civil Council holds an expanded meeting of municipalities

Raqqa – Raqqa Civil Council held a meeting of mayors, “Municipality of Raqqa, “Kasrat, Salhabiyat, Karama, Al-Hus, Kadiran, Hamarat, Asadiya”.

This meeting is to assess the progress made in the work and services provided by the municipalities, and to study projects and future plans.

Ahmed al-Khader, chairman of the local administration committee and municipalities in the council, said: that their meeting is a monthly one, to read the monthly reports on municipalities work, as the end of the year approaches.

The participants discussed the work carried out during 2018, and the development of a plan of action for the next year commensurate with the budget allocated to the municipalities.

 ” Al-Khader ” praised on the work of the municipalities as they completed many infrastructure projects such as removing the rubble and open the streets and asphalt roads, rehabilitation of gardens and schools and maintenance of Sewage networks and other works.

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