Recollection the Martyrs… Tabqa’s People light candles

Tabqa- Martyrs’ Families Foundation organized a memorial service for the martyr Dashti Amanos in a series of activities that are organized in the city.

The commemoration was attended by a number of military leaders, members of the Civil Administration, the families of martyrs and the people of the city.

The ceremony began by a minute of silence upon the souls of the martyrs, followed by the lighting of candles and the placing of roses on the tomb of the martyr.

Ahmed Abu Rish, the joint president of the Martyrs’ Families Foundation in Tabqa, delivered a speech in which he praised the martyrs of freedom and confirmed that they will remain immortal in the memory of every free citizen in the Syrian north, who have perfumed the dust of this land with their pure blood.

He added: “Abu Rish”: we proud of these heroes and consider their martyrdom and dignity and honor, we put it on our chests, by their sacrifices we defeat the terrorism, the areas were liberated and a smile on the children was restored.

SDF. Media Center

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