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Rehabilitating the people municipality academy in Raqqa

Raqqa_the people municipality of Raqqa is continuing its service works in a suitable way in order to rehabilitate all the public and private institutions inside Raqqa city.

The people municipality in Raqqa city is about to finish the preparing of municipality buildings, where the work is taking place to prepare them currently in order to use them for conducting training courses for the staff of (People Municipality) in Raqqa also studying the work mechanism and the nature of municipality work.

The head of the technical services department (Bakri Muhammad Bozan) said: ” we are working in preparing the academy of rehabilitating Raqqa municipalities in a complete way, and preparing the meeting hole, offices cabinet and gardens chairs in addition to preparing 8 offices, the work would be applied in municipalities’ academy in Raqqa at the beginning of the new year in Raqqa”

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