Rehabilitation of Al-Asadya irrigation Channel.

Raqqa_ the organization of (Future makers) in coordination with Agriculture and irrigation committee set a new project (goodness channel 2) to rehabilitate Al-Asadya irrigation channel that was exposed to a complete destruction.

Abdulqadir Al-Ali, the executive engineer in (Future makers) has clarified that the project date won’t pass 60 days, where it will include rehabilitating the generator (26) which was damaged since two full years, because of the battles and wars that the region witnessed.

He mentioned that this generator is controlling the water flow in a degree of 12 and 3m, it watered about 10000 Hectares of the agricultural lands, in addition to supplying the population with drinking water, where more than 20000 people of the region would be fed by water.

Al-Ali pointed that the project would be ended and overhanded in the allocated determined time, if the changeable weather conditions help them.

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