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Rehabilitation of AL-Saad roundabout in Tabqa city

Tabqa – The Department of Environment of People’s municipality in Tabqa works to restore the sidewalks of the streets, streets dividers and roundabouts in the city.

The maintenance workshops of People’s municipality in Tabqa started the rehabilitation of AL-Saad roundabout which was known as “Alhjana” in the former, and located at the city’s entrance from the north-east, near the Euphrates dam.

The head of the Environment Department of the People’s Municipality in Tabqa “Gamal Abdul Latif” explained: “We started rehabilitation of AL-Saad roundabout several days ago, and will continue to work until completion, and will decorate roundabout, and planting roses, and then put a memorial to the martyr in the middle, all that will be during the ceremony, that will be held soon.

It is worth to mention that the People’s Municipality completed the rehabilitation of AL-alam roundabout and several other roundabouts, and is still continuing its work aimed at showing Tabqa city in the best appearance, so that these works are commensurate with the urban development and civilization that the city witnessed.

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