Rehabilitation of Bir al-Hashim station in Raqqa

Raqqa – “Future Makers” organization, in coordination with the Water and Energy Committees of Raqqa Civil Council, completed the rehabilitation project of Bir Al-Hashim station in Raqqa city.

Abdo Abdul Qadir, who is in charge of the stations and water committee in the council, confirmed that there are two vertical pumps, each of which gives 500 cubic meters per hour, feeding the eastern area of Raqqa city, and two horizontal ones, one of which is 60 hp and the other 100 hp which are used to feed the western region of the city.

For his part, “Mahmoud Mamo,” Chairman of the Electricity Committee in the Council, explained that the Energy and Communications committee has provided a transformer of capacity of 1000 kV for the station, and the processing of cables feeding the pump fully, and the processing center conversion capacity of 400 kV.

SDF. Media Center

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