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Rehabilitation of Raqqa’s East Garage

Raqqa- People’s municipality continues its work and projects aimed at restoring normal life in the city. Garages are the point of contact between the city and its countryside. The Municipality has begun to rehabilitate and restore it to work after the great destruction that the city suffered from due to the acts of the terrorist groups.

Of these garages, ” Raqqa’s East Garage ” or so-called “Bab Baghdad” garage, which is one of the most important garages of the city as it links it to the vast eastern countryside.

The head of the technical department in the Municipality, Mohammed Bakri, explained that the municipality has removed the rubble and built a fence surrounding the garage. Currently, the floor is being repaired and the walls will be painted, also rooms build for drivers and those who regulate the mechanism of work in the garage.

Bakri noted that several garages were previously rehabilitated, including garages (Buses, AL-Fursia, hussima, AL-Soumaa).


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