Roundabouts of Raqqa City for rehabilitation Again

Raqqa -People’s Municipality in Raqqa city continue its work with great vigor and activity.

The committees of Municipality continue their work and daily affairs of repairs, asphalting roads, and rehabilitating everything that is destructive.

This was confirmed by the supervisor in the technical department in People’s municipality and responsible for the entrances and roundabouts in the city, “Ibrahim Al-Qurta”, adding that they worked initially on the rehabilitation of the Snabla roundabout “silos” through the restoration of the full as it was, and by laying the appropriate stones that indicate Its name, because it is one of the symbols of the city, and was working to re-paint in bright colors and provided with appropriate lighting.

Ibrahim Al-Qurta said: “After completing Snabla roundabout, we continued to work on the rehabilitation and restoration of ” AL-Dala “roundabout, which is one of the most prominent features of the city, and comes from the shops and commercial markets surrounding it and as the starting point to the center of the city and from which sub roads branches to all directions.

So we work seriously to restore it and make it better than it was removed from the rubble from its surroundings – the beginning – and then we were keen to paint with stone and colors in order to restore the basic elegance and provide it with special lights.

As for the roundabout of “AL-Saa”, Al-Qarata explained in his speech about the importance of AL-Saa roundabout for the city and as one of the death yards established by Daesh to intimidate civilians.

He confirmed that they have already begun to ” slabbing ” walls of the outer structure, after the exterior was completely scraped, and slabbing process will be completed and a digital clock will be placed in its old place. It will be operated and the square will be rehabilitated and restored again. Out, with lights on its four sides.

It is worth to mention that the “Early Intervention Team”, in coordination with Raqqa Civil Council, continues to rehabilitate “Al Na’im Roundabout” within a time plan prepared and completed approximately half of it, within a month, ” Na’im Roundabout” will be a place to entertain Raqqa’s people as it was before.

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