SDF graduates two military training rounds

News center_ Today, Sunday,  SDF graduated two military training rounds of 30 female fighters, entitled: (Beritan Shadadi) in the academy of (Rojda Manbij), in addition to 46 fighters under the title of (the Martyr Qorshin) for the leaders, in the academy of (Martyr Aziz Arab), the graduation started with military ceremony.

However, the graduation of both rounds started with a greeting for martyrs and disciplinary exhibition.

both SDF commanders (Layla Sterk) and (Kani Khalil)  talked during the ceremony, where the pointed to the sensitive and risky situations that the region pass currently  generally especially, after the escalation of the Turkish threatening against north and east of Syria’s components, insisting on the importance of disciplinary high spirit and motivation, where they mentioned the historical role that SDF plays to insure the security and stability to all Syrian people and drawing future Syria as well.

The ceremony were ended with military swear, and distributing military IDs on both men and women graduated fighters .

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