Starting the second stage of drinking water project in Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa_ on Saturday, the committee of the local municipality and other affiliated municipalities to the democratic civil council in Al-Tabqa in coordination with Farat team has declared resuming the second stage of the drinking water and sewage system project in Al-Tabqa town.

The declaration came during the meeting, held in the administration office.

Ibrahim Al-Muhammad, the co-chair of the local administration and municipalities of Al-Tabqa town and its countryside emphasized the beginning of the second stage of rehabilitating water net system and sewage system of Al-Tabqa and its countryside as well.

 He clarified that it is the most important infrastructure project in Al-Tabqa town, referring that  70 locations have been finished in six neighborhoods at the first stage in Al-Tabqa town, where 3 KM of sewage pipes were replaced while 106 of septic tanks were re-implemented and 4 KM of drinking water net was replaced.

 Moreover, he added that the support was provided to the municipality of Al-Tabqa throughout provision of the machines and water unit for maintenance of the damages in water network and sewage system of the city, also by supplying the warehouses with necessary materials.

Further, he added that they are working on implementing 2000 Metter of sewage and 5000 Metter for drinking water inside the city in the second stage and 6000 Metter for water in the countryside. where the sewage system is distributed on more than 20 locations, in addition to distributing water in the city and countryside of (Al-Swaydya, AlSafsafa and Al-Mahmoudly).

However, he pointed that the goal of such projects is to solve infrastructure problems represented by water and sewage system which play a main role in the regions infrastructure.

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