The academy of the Martyr Roken started its fourth round.

Al-Hasakhah_ (the Martyr Roken) academy of democratic society, in its fourth round. started a new course titled (martyr Osman Shadadi ), where it contains 38 trainees: administrates  and the local council members of Hasakah district and its countryside. The course will continue for 30 days.

The course will include lectures of many aspects: culture and science like: the importance of the training, the importance of the natural society, the rhetoric art, women history, Geology, the history of Syria and the the revolution of northeast Syria, democratic nation, legal defense, comrade spirit and criticism and self-criticism.

  Aziz Ali, the official in the academy made sure that they are going on in the education and would provide the trainees political and cultural lessons, to be a base for educated generation and society in all aspects also to  work efficiently, to understand the democratic society culture and nations fraternity.

Dunya Muhsin, one of the trainees expressed on her gratitude about the course and lessons that she takes. Referring that the academy will have active role in building society.

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