The annual meeting of Woman Office In Raqqa


Woman Office held a massive meeting to discuss the annual work and projects that was implemented after the liberation of Raqqa from The mercenaries of ISIS, However the meeting included the discussion of the project drafts, designed for the future. The attendance list included the co-chair of Raqqa civil council (Layla Mustafa) and all the women related civil as well as military councils.

The administrative official in Woman Office of Raqqa city, (Zulykha Abdy) clarified that the main purpose of the meeting is to verify what has been implemented out of the activities that women did last year, where these activities were discussed, taking into consideration the main obstacles that they faced. On the other hand; the Woman Office administration in the internal security forces and Raqqa civil council offered their reports to the Woman committee in Raqqa city.

Abdi added that one conference on Euphrates level will be held at the beginning of the new coming year in order to set future plans.

Relevantly, Abdi congratulated all Syrian women in the new year, and explained that it will be new year, where women will play the main role in building democratic and non-central Syria.

SDF-Media center.

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