The clashes outcome in (the war against terrorism)

The members of the terrorist organization launched a massive  attack on our forces points in the area of Hajin and surrounding locations, using all sorts of weapons , heavy and lights, so heavy clashes took place as a result, where our forces could kill and injure some of them, moreover some of their bodies fell in the hand of our fighters, while the rest escaped, however after failing their attack, the terrorists bombed our forces locations by mortars and rockets but it didn’t cause loses inside our forces raw.

Our fighters implemented a massive sweeping in the liberated areas from ISIS, where they found a big number of weapons and military equipment, in addition to some of the terrorists’ bodies who were killed during the clashes.

However, our fighters achieved advanced steps forward in other side of this axis, after long hours of violate clashes with ISIS terrorists, this was coincided with intensive raids of airstrike on the shields and locations of terrorists this caused them big loses.

The separated clashes were continuous from time to time, coincided with bombing by artillery mortars at the moment of preparing this report

The last outcome of the Clashes:

The killed terrorist: 47

The seized weapons that our fighters controlled: RBJ mortars: 1m land base of Dushka: (14,5) M3:1, some of Kalashnikov weapons, a big amount of the BKC, communication devices of Hitra: 3, a box of Doshka bullets 12:5: 1, a box of Dushka bullets 14:5m2: 1, mortars shells: 14:5 m2:1, mortars hells 120 m2:8, mortars shells 82m2:200.

The terrorists loses: destroying 30 locations, destroyin mortars shells: 5, destroying fuel center:1, destroying fuel transporting vehicles:3, destroying t5hree military roads used by terrorists, destroying explosive devices companies:5.

Their international airstrike: 49 air shell.

SDF-media center.


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