The clashes’ outcome in (the war against the terrorism)

As the direct reflection of the American president Trump’s decision to withdraw its forces from Syria, where he said: (the terrorist organization of ISIS has finished), The terrorist organization seized the opportunity via combining its forces and intensifying its terror attacks on our forces points.

 Some members of the terrorist organization launched a massive attack on our forces locations in Hajin Axis in the morning, however the attack included dozens on suicidal members as well as armored vehicles, so heavy clashes took place as a result. Meanwhile our forces could kill more than five fighters, while 12 were killed by snipers before reaching our fighters locations, however, dozens of terrorists where killed and some of their bodies were seized by our fighters who took advanced steps in this axis by resisting the terrorist organization attacks

Relevantly, in a side of this axis, the terrorist organization tried to regather its forces and attack our points again, but this attempt also was failed, therefore he targeted our forces points throughout rockets and mortars, taking bombing as a method. this attempt also was failed and a number of terrorists were killed and one of their military vehicles was bombed.

at the noon hours, the terrorists tried to re-attack, but their armored vehicle in addition to another armored vehicle boarded with Doshca were destroyed, however, a number of terrorists were killed and some of their bodies felt in the hand of our fighters.

 after the big hit that he received by our fighters, the terrorists used mortars and thermal rockets but it didn’t lead to any loses inside our fighters raw. Furthermore, our forces controlled 2 vehicle,s one of them is armored vehicle and the other was boarding Doshka weapon and an amount of Ammo

in other front line of this axis, the terrorists launched a strong attack on our fighters’ points, heavy clashes took place as a result, a number of terrorists were killed and some were injured. Most of their bodies fell in the hand of our fighters, plus our fighters could control a Trax belong to the terrorists, where they broke it, not to be operating, meanwhile, the international coalition bombed the terrorist’s locations, caused dozens of killed members of ISIS

in the morning, heavy clashes took place between our forces and terrorist organization’s members in other side of this axis, it continued until the noon time, dozens of terrorists were killed and wounded, some of their bodies fell in the hand of our forces, however, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on the terrorists’ locations and movement points

. the terrorists have tried many times to attack the locations and points of our forces in many frontlines, but all their attempts were failed as our fighters were fully aware and ready. As a response the terrorists organization used a random bombing from far distance, using SPG mortars, but no loses occurred among our fighters

All the frontlines of this axis witnessed separated clashes from time to time, it was accompanied sometimes with mortars of SPG and artillery bombs.

At this time, some of our fighters were wounded different in degree,  where they were transferred to the hospital to receive treatment.

The last outcome of the clashes:

Killed terrorists: 169, bodies: 31 felled in the hand of our fighters

The weapons that our fighters got: Doshka (12:5):1, armored car: 1, a number Kalashnikov and ammo.

– terrorists loses: destroying 36 location of the terrorists, cutting 5 military roads that terrorists use, destroying 1 bulldozer, destroying 2 doshka vehicles, destroying an armored vehicle:1, destroying a trex:1.

The number of the international coalition airstrikes: 82 bombing.

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