The clashes outcome in (The war against the terrorism)

Our fighters launched an attack on terrorists’ locations in Hajin city and surrounding areas at the early morning hours, so heavy clashes took place as a result, while the rest of terrorists escaped. However,  our forces  urgently swept the region that witnessed the clashes, where they discovered an amount of Ammo and military equipment.

On the other side of this axis, our fighters achieved concrete advance, after having clashes with terrorists, where some of them were killed, while some of their bodies fell at the hand of our fighters, therefore the terrorist organization shelled our fighters locations by mortars and artillery, but the loses were very few. our fighters seized large number of weapons and Ammo.

On other side of this axis, our fighters launched an attack on terrorists locations, where many of them were killed, and they went forward 1 KM, controlling 114 points, the terrorist tried to launch an attack again on our forces points that they lost, but our forces resisted and caused dozens of wounded and killed people.

Violate attacks took place on the other side of this axis, were many terrorists were wounded and killed, however, our forces achieved advanced steps controlling 21 points, where they seized many weapons and Ammo, meanwhile, the terrorist tried to launch a retreating attack, but our forces resisted them, were many of them got killed and lost a big number of weapons and military equipment.

On the other side, our forces launched an attack on terrorists locations. As a result, heavy clashes took place and number of terrorists were killed. our forces went forward 1 KM, and controlled 17 points , relevantly, the engineering military team demined some mines  that was planted by terrorists, this was coincided with the international coalition shells on terrorists locations and points.

In the morning hours, the terrorists of ISIS raided on our forces points, but they resisted them, and caused them many killed an wounded members, however the terrorists used unmanned plane, but it was fallen down.

On the side, our fighters launched an attack on terrorists locations and controlled some points.

The terrorist organization, launched a massive attack on our fighters’ points in other side of this axis, by many cars, using heavy weapons, so very heavy clashes done causing big loses of killed terrorists , some of their bodies fell in the hand of our fighters and many of their vehicles were destroyed as a result, meanwhile, the international coalition did many raids on terrorists locations.

However, the separate clashes are continuing in most of the frontlines of this axis, till the moment of preparing this report.

Some of  our fighters were wounded, where they were transferred to the hospital  to receive the required treatment.

The last outcome of the clashes:

The number of killed terrorists: 71

The weapons and equipment that our fighters got: RBJ:1, Mortars artillery bases: 3, big number of big mortars, some Kalashnikovs, Laptops:1.

Terrorists loses: terrorists loses: 74, cutting 10 military roads used by terrorists, destroying one location that the terrorists  boats docked in :1, destroying cars:8, destroying doshka weapon points, destroying heavy military equipment points: 3, destroying trenches: 6

The international coalition: 104 international shells.

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