The Clashes outcome in (the war against the terrorism)

Our forces launched an attack on terrorists’ locations in Hajin town and its surrounding areas, the attack of our forces targeted the terrorist’s points that were pointed for retreating attack on our fighters, so heavy clashes took place where many of the terrorists were killed and injured, we couldn’t get the accurate number.

On other side of this axis, the terrorist organization targeted our forces locations via mortar shells and snipers, but our forces heavily attacked the shooting sources, where they were forced to retreat and stop targeting our locations.

However, our fighters launched an attack in other front-line of this axis, where they went forward and controlled many points, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorists’ locations.

Meanwhile, the engineering military team, affiliated to our forces, swept the mines that were planted by the terrorist organization in the region.

The separated clashes are still continuing in many front-lines of this axis, till reporting this outcome

the last outcome of the clashes:

the killed terrorists:4

the terrorists loses: destroying (14) of terrorists locations, destroying the mortars locations: 3, destroying explosive factories: 1

the international coalition airstrike: 24

SDF-Media center

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