The clashes’ outcome in the ( war against the terrorism)

Al-Baghoz Axis: our troop did a massive sweeping process, in the morning,  in the newly liberated areas, the clashes took place at the moment that the terrorists escaped, where a number of terrorists were killed, during the sweeping, some fighters  took control on an amount of weapons,  a motorbike  and rockets.

Meanwhile, the terrorists launched an attack on our points on the other side of this axis, using different types of weapons, heavy and light once, but our forces resisted the attack and killed a number of terrorists, while the rest fled away.

Based on what happened, our troops launched second attack on terrorists’ locations, and took advanced steps in this axis, plus, they could control some new points after they  got number of weapons and killed some terrorists.

In evening hours, our fighters launched other attack, and went forward 1 KM, our forces took over 8 other points, meanwhile, the terrorists tried to launch retreating attack, but our fighters resisted them and failed their attempt, while the international coalition aircraft shelled many terrorists’ locations, and targeted their defenses.

 At the other wing of this axis, at the early hours of the evening, our fighters launched a massive attack on terrorists locations and could control new four points, and control one of the area’s village, where the military engineering team demined the intensive installed mines by the terrorists in the village.

Our forces attacked the terrorists’ locations in some areas of this axis, after intensive movement of them, as a result heavy clashes took place, and our fighters could get many of their bodies, meanwhile, some of the terrorists tried to send explosive cars, but our forces resisted them, bombed some of them, and could seize one of this cars.


The terrorists tried twice to attack  the axis again, but our forces resisted and got new points in this axis.

At 7:00 am, our fighters launched new attack on terrorists’ location, so heavy clashes took place until noon, however, many types of weapons and mortars were used, but they were destroyed before reaching our forces.

In the afternoon hours, the terrorists launched again an attack by to explosive cars, but they were targeted and bombed before reaching the goals.

Hajin axis: heavy clashes occurred between our forces and the terrorist organizations’ members in this axis, however; during the sweeping of mines by the military engineering forces, the terrorists used light and heavy weapons during the clashes, many terrorists were killed as result.

 In other side of this axis, and during the sweeping process our troops resisted a group of terrorists, killed some of them, and also they discovered some trenches and medical equipment’s.

 In the evening hours, our fighters launched a defensive locations of the terrorists, so  dozens of them were killed, where our troop took advanced steps and over controlled 14 new points ,this was coincide with the international coalition airstrike on their locations. Our troops seized some of the weapons.

The final outcome of the clashes

The number of killed terrorists: 96 terrorists.

The controlled weapons and devices by our forces: an amount of medical equipment (SPG:1, motorbike:1, rockets: 11, Doshka” 12:5″:1, BKC weapon: 7.

Terrorists outcome: destroying 28 location of terrorists, destroying 6 explosive cars, bombing explosion factories:2, destroying Banko car worked in transferring bullets, cutting 8 military roads used by the terrorists.

The number of bombs and airstrike of the international coalition

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