The clashes outcome of (the war against the terrorism)

Baghoz axis: our forces launched an attack on the terrorists’ locations, where a number of enemies were killed and some were injured, however, our troops took advanced steps in this axis and could control 10 new points, while the international coalition targeted two terrorists’ locations by airstrike.

On the other side of this axis. our troops went forward 1 KM where they controlled

17 points, some of them were killed while others were injured as a result.

Our forces launched another attack in other part of this axis in evening hours, where the outcome was a number of killed and injured of the terrorists after heavy clashes, however, our forces took advance in 1 KM and could control 14 new points. Meanwhile the terrorist organization tried to resume fighting via launching (RBJ), but the fighting was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorist’s locations.

The clashes were frequent and witness mortars launching.

Hajin axis: heavy clashes took place this morning, after an attack by our forces on terrorists’ locations, number of terrorists were killed, plus our fighters could get some of weapons and terrorists bodies. As a reaction, the terrorists launched mortars on our fighters’ locations but no loses took place.

Meanwhile; our fighters swept the area in the morning where they got some laptops and a number of documents as well.

The terrorist organization attacked our fighters’ locations and points at 9:00 am, using all weapons’ sorts (heavy, medium and light), as response our forces resisted the attack where the clashes continued for some hours, some of terrorists were killed and injured, while the rest fled away. Our forces demined the area from mines as soon as the terrorists withdrew.

In other front-line at the same axis, a heavy clash occurred between our forces and the terrorists at noon, where it continued for hours, the terrorists used Doshka mortars and bombed cars, where 2 of them were bombed by our forces before reaching their goals, the terrorists tried to attack by explosive motorbikes, but our forces killed most of the group members, while the rest fled away from the clashes area.

in the evening, our forces could get new points in this axis, after an attack on the terrorists locations.

during the forward steps of our forces, one suicidal terrorist tried to insert among our forces and bomb himself, but he was targeted from far away then so the explosive devices were bombed and he got killed as a result, meanwhile the international coalition targeted some terrorists’ locations causing a number of killed and injuries of the terrorists.

On the other side of this axis. Our forces targeted some terrorists’ location, many killed and other were injured as a result, the terrorists tried to target our fighters’ locations by mortars preparing for massive attack but the attempt failed.

The clashes still continuous until the moment of reporting the mentioned outcome.

The final outcome of the clashes:

Killed terrorists: 63.

Terrorists’ loses: 2 bombed cars, destroying 10 points, cutting 5 roads used by terrorists, destroying one tunnel used by the terrorists groups.

International coalition airstrike  number: 31 bombing.

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