The olive squeezing machine in Raqqa

Al-Raqqa_ during the harvest time of olives in Raqqa, the squeezing machines of olives received the olive crops from the farmers. Where the farmers take their olive crops to the squeezing machines to get olive oil and selling it.

Regarding the squeezing machine, Saed Al-Ahmad one of the squeezing machine owners in Raqqa said: the squeezing work start at the beginning of harvest season, 24 hours, where it is crowded with farmers, the squeezing machines produced 12 ton of olive per day, where a kilo of olive costs 15 sy.

Al-Ahmad continued his explanation of the squeezing way: at the beginning, olives are passing on movable chain, via separating leaves and extra materials then the olives get washed by water from dust, then olives move via movable chain to the squeezing part, where it gets smashed then the dough get passed via tubes to the press device, after that  we get the required liquid (water and oil)then the liquids get moved to a device where the water and oil get separated. finally, we give the pure olive oil to the farmers after they pay. .

SDF-Media center.

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