the Outcome of Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

In the framework of the continuation of the battle to defeat terrorism to eliminate the remnants of Daesh organization in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, terrorists launched an attack on fortifications and positions of our forces, taking advantage of the foggy weather in the region, However, our fighters were alerted and failed the attack , our fighters responded to the attack and violent engagements broke out, and due to that 5 terrorists were killed, who brought  other groups to support them and withdraw the terrorists dead bodies from the battlefield.

Coalition air jets destroyed terrorist vehicles and the death of 12 terrorists was confirmed.

On the other hand, our fighters engaged with Daesh terrorists who used car bombs, armored vehicles and Dushka weapons, and due to that four terrorists were killed.

In the morning, strong engagements broke out after an attack by terrorists on our fighters’ positions, trying to recover the lost points. Where our fighters confronted and failed the attack, and due to that terrorists suffered heavy losses in equipment.

The coalition air jets also carried out several raids targeting terrorist groups and their fortifications.

In another axis, our forces killed 13 terrorists, 5 of their bodies in our fighters’ hands, and detonated a car bomb and destroyed a number of motorcycles, after engagements in which terrorists used various types of weapons.

All the fighting axes are witnessing intermittent engagements with terrorists until the moment of preparation of this outcome.

Our fighters were able to secure the exit of dozens of families, secure their access to safe areas and provide them with essential assistance.

Final Outcome of Engagements:

– Number of terrorist deaths: 88 / Terrorist

– Losses of terrorists: 1 – the destruction of a car bomb number / 1 /

2 – Destruction of a number of motorcycles.

– Weapons seized by our fighters: a Hitra device, a bar of BKC shots.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

6 December 2018


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